Dough Ball Cutting Machine

Semi Automatic

We specialize in the manufacturing of High Performance Fresh Flour Chapati Machines and Automatic Dough Ball Cutting machine .

Basic Features of Dough Ball Cutting Machine

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Specification of Dough Ball Cutting Machine

We serve worldwide clientele on all continents offering machines that make a variety of ethnic breads such as tortilla,chapattis and other ethnic flat breads. With over twenty two years of service in the food service industry, Chapati Wonder Manufacturing offers high quality wheat Flour chapatti Machines designed for ease of use, easy maintenance, energy efficiency, food consistency and minimal use of space.

India's portable machine in commercial segment.

Stainless Steel Body (Rust free)

Simple rugged and very compact

Requires no special skills to operate.

Uniformly baked final product.

Robust Construction.

High Capacity.

Versatile and Portable.

Eco friendly, no pollution problems.

Hygienic production.

Energy efficient (Less running cost).

Semi automatic.

Aesthetically Attractive.

Final product with traditional test.

Semi Automatic Dough Ball making machine
10 Kg/20 Kg within 5-7 Minute
150 Kg
4.5 Feet x 1.5 Feet x 4.5 Feet
Electric Power
Only 1 Hp/2 Hp Single Phase
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A quick demo of Semi automatic dough ball cutting machine

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We are delivering chapati making machine in all countries.We have already client in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapure, Sri Lanka, Africa, India